I now find myself in my mid-30s and realize I’ve lived through quite a bit on the front of matters of the heart. Tattered as my heart has been, and as many times as it’s felt like it was about to stop or explode, it’s still here, solid and pumping…still living. Because my toughest experiences haven’t been life-threatening and have been emotionally-dominant, I owe it to my healthy body and stubborn heart to keep moving forward as fully and fervently as possible.

I currently live in Hawaii and am working as an analyst for matters not of the heart, so my blog provides me a great, creative outlet for my right-brained spirit. I love the outdoors and physical fitness, but as I mature, I understand that it’s the elements behind those things – natural beauty of the outdoors, and the benefits of a fit and healthy body – that are the true gems. But the truest of gems are friendships – nothing can substitute for community and connectedness…we weren’t built to be alone, and I’m finally getting that essential lesson through my thick skull.

The more I blog, the more I learn, and hopefully the more I learn, the more I will dare and live and love.

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