…about time!…

…about time!…

It’s been months since I last posted anything on my blog, and it’s one of those situations where enough time has gone by that you feel like you need to make the next post a real WINNER of a post – one that will explain all the time lapse and still inspire anyone who reads it to go lead bigger and better lives. Yeah, so that’s not going to be this post. I’m humbly entering back into my writing mode with a bit of a tail between my legs for not having kept up with my writing. I owed it to myself more than anyone. In my own defense, I have been in Afghanistan this year and I’m in a warzone. HA – see I can use that excuse for anything. The reality is there is no excuse.

I’d like to re-enter my writing mode by announcing that I did recently manage to tick off one of my bucket list items. I FINALLY went on leave – I went to Hong Kong and then Lombok (the island next to Bali in Indonesia) and on my way back into the country, I had to fly from one base down to another, and I was put – FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER – on a helicopter. Yep, that was one of my bucket list items – ride in a helicopter. I think it actually may have been “ride in and learn how to fly a helicopter.” Either way, I get a full or at least a part of my bucket list checked off.

So let me give a quick catch-up. Since I last wrote, I have actually lived on two additional bases in Afghanistan. After Julien I went to Eggers, and now I’m on Phoenix. …and no, I’m not giving anything away that could be compromising. In my time here in these past nine months (9!!! CRAZY TO SAY THAT!) I’ve had the opportunity learn about the world around me as well as the world within me. …both have proven expansive, inspiring, and full of unexpected gifts. I’ve met people from all over the world, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve fallen in and out of love, I’ve even somehow found a space of quiet peace in my heart in the midst of an earthquake, a few bombings, several terrorist threats, and deaths of soldiers and civilians I worked close to. I will endeavor to fill in with stories and cherished memories in the posts to come.

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