Some Funny Moments

Some Funny Moments

I need to remind myself of some of the more amusing moments I’ve had since I moved back to Hawaii a month ago.

Coffee Kerplunk. Over morning coffee this week, my auntie was showing me all her favorite shells she had collected on the beach for an art project. She hadn’t washed them yet, so they had salty sand and fishy smells all over them. She held up her favorite among the bunch admiring it. I asked if I could look at it closer, and as she handed it to me, I accidentally dropped it…right into my coffee. I’m not sure I’m quite an addict, but I really enjoy my morning coffee – to the point of not wanting to wash down the current cup and drank on with what I could swear was a slightly fishier salty taste. When I was nearly at the bottom, I finally saw the seasoning shell to dig out. One less shell for auntie to clean!

Bathroom Privacy. Sometimes when moving to an island far away from your cars and stuff, you have to find immediate quarters, and often that is with a friend with an extra room if you know someone there. In our case, it was with my husband’s Army buddy Peter. His house, his rules…or so I’ve learned. I’m a relatively private person, so it caught me a little off guard when I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom one evening, and Peter burst through the door, and started peeing into the toilet right behind me. I almost choked on my toothpaste. The thing is, he really could care less – I’ve come down the stairs a few times now where the bathroom door is open and he’s peeing – yep, right there at the bottom of the steps, impossible to avoid. At least I’ve learned to lock the bathroom door!

Bathroom Privacy II. Ala Moana mall is the high-end mall on the island complete with Gucci, Prada and Tiffany’s. I was coming from Apple store buying a computer battery when I popped into the Loo. While sitting there, in the most fancy of shopping centers on the island with millions of dollars of products just feet away, a giant ugly cockroach eased its way across the bathroom stall wall beside me. I tried to jump away but I was not quite finished, so I sat there motionless waiting for the moment to end and I could make my escape. In hindsight I could have just hit the thing, but then it could have fallen on me. Nope, I did the right thing.

Bathroom Privacy III. I have to add one last story because it just happened last night. I was in the taking a shower and had just lathered up my hair when out popped a giant spider on the wall right by the shower head…and by my head. The place I’m staying in has a solar water heater, so there are only about 2 showers of warm water a day…and one was already gone…and I HATE cold water, even in Hawaii. So the warm water trumped my spider fear. Let me add that this was no small daddy long legs or little spider – it was about the length of my fingers…sliding on the wet shower wall threatening to fall to the ground by my feet. I turned my back to the creepy crawler and quickly rinsed out my hair, talking gently to it convinced that my telling it to stay put would be obeyed if I said it nicely. I washed my hair out without incident and jumped out of the shower as fast as I could…then ran up the stairs naked and wet to grab my phone to get a picture for proof. I’m lucky that Peter didn’t happen to walk in at that moment!

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    • Jordy – Emily I love your work and attention to deatil. I love these pictures as well as Hilary’s engagement pictures. When will the wedding pictures be posted? Can’t wait to see them.

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