Pursuing Happiness

Pursuing Happiness

Some pursue happiness – others create it. ~Unknown

It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere. ~Agnes Repplier

We often forget that we don’t have the right to happiness, but we have the right to pursue it…the more difficult of the two paths…yet undoubtedly the most rewarding. When we learn what makes us happy, we can create our own happiness instead of relying on external circumstances out of our control.

To most, the immediate items that come to mind in connection to happiness are money, fame, luxury and things along those lines. But a study published by the American Psychological Association about what brings happiness to people placed those items at the bottom. At the top of the list were autonomy – feeling that your activities are self-choses and self-endorsed, competence – feeling that you are effective in your activities, relatedness – feeling a sense of closeness with others, and self-esteem.

Things that make me happy:

  • Being on the water in any kind of boat (except ones with holes in them)
  • Bright colors in colorful designs
  • Creating art
  • Making decisions with clarity (there’s that autonomy)
  • Looking at art
  • Eating chocolate and drinking red wine (even the cheap stuff) together
  • Taking a bath while listeing to Pink Martini on Pandora
  • Warm fuzzy slippers with cozy pjs on blizzard-snowy days
  • Drinking “momtinis” with my sister during her kids’ naptime
  • Splintting a pitcher of margaritas with good girlfriends over new stories and gossip
  • Amazing ocean views from the decks of houses you housesit (like right now!)
  • Recognizing a quote from a funny movie that someone else quotes
  • Quoting funny movie quotes
  • Wind through trees on sunny days
  • Picnics of any kind
  • Dancing of any kind…except the dirty kind and sans poles
  • Stepping into a new country for the first time
  • Crooner music with a glass of wine while making dinner
  • Laying out under stars
  • Giving to others in need
  • Old people – even grumpy old people
  • Driving things while going fast – boats, mopeds, cars etc.
  • Catching waves
  • Crossing finish lines
  • Being goofy with girlfriends
  • Watching old couples hold hands or dance together
  • The different hues of greens mixed together in nature

    So if I were to analyze myself, I seem to need to surround myself with alcohol and old people. Or maybe just put on some fun music, dance a little, and enjoy a nice glass of wine with good company.

    Click THIS LINK to read daily reminders of things to be happy about.

    It takes great wit and interest and energy to be happy. The pursuit of happiness is a great activity. One must be open and alive. It is the greatest feat man has to accomplish. ~Robert Herrick

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